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Donna Florimonte


Donna has been a registered nurse since 1978 and began administering colonics in 1992. She was trained at the renowned Optimum Health Institute in Southern California and holds numerous certifications in massage therapy and electro-lymphatic therapy. Most notably, Donna Florimonte is one of less than 600 colon therapists in the world who are board certified. Donna is the first to bring colon hydrotherapy to the area and has other therapists assisting her. She also teaches her clients the benefits of supportive health strategies that include healthy food choices and healthy food preparations.


Don Strasburger


Don Strasburger graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1997. He has practiced in California and has consulted in a dozen offices in Philadelphia, along Eastern PA and the Poconos. Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing are among the tools that are utilized for the evaluation of your health. There are several treatment styles utilized to match the patient and their individual needs ranging from traditional chiropractic services to chiropractic stress relief through Neuro Emotional Technique. For more information email: Don.Strasburger@gmail.com