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What People Are Saying

Colon Hydrotherapy changed the way I think about my body, my diet and myself faster and more completely than anything else since 1978. A flowing effortless energy replaced the sluggish overweight body I had. I lost ten pounds a month for four months. My severe food allergies are under control, and they used to control me. The Alkaline diet gives me fresh unlimited energy and it makes it easier to resist sugar and starches. My doctor recommended lymph electric therapy for my acne and it worked! All I have to do now is wash with Goats Milk Soup and apply a little rouge. Even my arthritis is better. Donna and her team changed my body and my life.” –Carolyn Elliott, Factoryville, PA
Heartburn is a dim memory, joints do not ache, range of motion [is] better than at age 40, weight loss was 25 lbs, I have tons of energy, my sinuses are clear, and my colon is healthy, no more soreness or constipation. And I have learned a complete new approach to eating.” –Tom Damery, Age 60, Ithaca, NY
When I met you, I can’t tell you how profoundly moved I was by the love, care and compassion you were so willing to share…..I felt genuinely cared for.” –Mike, Binghamton, NY
My treatments here have been the catalyst that has set my life off in a healthy new direction.” –Kim Glemboski, Nicholson, PA