Biocharger NG

Biocharger™ NG

Waverly Wellness offers clients a passive yet proactive method to improve their health by harnessing the energy which surrounds us and merging it with the latest in technology. The Biocharger™ NG.

What is the Biocharger NG?  It is a hybrid subtle revitalization platform (SERP).  Well what is that?  It uses a full spectrum of light and harmonic frequencies to deliver restorative energy that helps align the body and mind.

How Can The Biocharger™ Help Me?

By using different recipe’s (multi-frequency programs) which take roughly 10 – 15 minutes the Biocharger™ can help you experience increased energy levels, reduced pain and fatigue, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

The BioCharger™ NG provides a touch free, safe, meditative, rejuvenating full body treatment; proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity.

Healing Recipes

We will customize your BioCharger™ NG sessions based on your symptoms and needs. We are working with over 350 healing recipes that target specific symptoms. Feel free to browse through our healing recipes. If you find a recipe you are interested in, feel free to let us know when you come in for your session.

Natural Product

This is a non-invasive, non-chemical method of improving one’s health. There are no drugs, pills, or other products to buy or ingest. By simply sitting in front of the Biocharger™ for 15 minutes you can expect to feel recharged and renewed.

People using the Biocharger’s hundreds of preprogrammed recipes’s have used this to relieve pain, treat symptoms of disease, recover better from physical work outs, relieve stress, prepare for better sleep, and a host of other benefits. Learn More…

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