Colonic Hydrotherapy

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

A hydrotherapy treatment gently cleans the colon by filling and emptying it with warm and cool water. A client lies relaxed on a table, which is connected to the hydrotherapy equipment.

During the procedure, which usually lasts from 45 minutes to one hour, a colon therapist massages the abdomen and varies the water temperature to tone the colon muscles and improve peristaltic action.

Colonoscopy PREP:

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural, and comfortable process to choose when preparing the body for a colonoscopy. Please call today to learn more about our all natural Colonoscopy Prep treatment using Colon Hydrotherapy.

What are the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

In addition to toning the colon, hydrotherapy helps to increase circulation, calms the nervous system, and brings relief to headaches, food allergies, backaches, indigestion, colds, and other disorders. Most important, the body is better able to metabolize good sources of nutrition.

Learning to Listen to Your BodyWhile you are in a state of ill health, your body loses the ability to communicate to you. Most conventional treatments only address the symptoms of illness and not the causes. By cleansing your system with hydrotherapy, you will remove a potential source of disease and create an environment for health.What is the difference between Colon

Hydrotherapy and an Enema?An enema merely flushes out the lower end of the colon where the waste matter (feces) collects. The average enema uses only about two quarts of water, while a hydrotherapy treatment uses 15 to 30 gallons of water to flush out the entire 5 1/2 feet of the colon. The water is introduced at the rate of one pint to two quarts at a time, then the fecal matter is expelled. This action can soften and wash away impactions lining the colon.

Is Hydrotherapy Treatment Painful?

No. After a small tube is inserted into the rectum, a separate rubber tubing carries the water in and the wastes out in a lightly pressurized system. Minor, temporary discomfort may result if the client passes gas or old waste material or has an extremely congested colon. Once this matter is eliminated, the client experiences a feeling of release and renewed vigor. The colon is on its way to working properly.

How Do I know if I Need a Treatment?

Almost anyone can benefit from some internal cleansing. Those of us whose diets have been rich in refined and devitalized foods are in even greater need of hydrotherapy.

How Many Treatments Does an Individual Need?

An effective cleansing program involves a series of treatments, combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and relaxation techniques to detoxify the body and rebuild and rejuvenate the bowel. Many people feel a big difference after just one treatment, as old matter is washed out. But the removal of large amounts of waste buildup is a gradual process and varies for each person. Each client’s body will change and improve from treatment to treatment.

Is a Hydrotherapy Treatment Harmful in Any Way?No. Unlike laxatives, which can be habit forming and cause inflammation of the colon, hydrotherapy is a gentle, thorough cleansing. Greater harm can result from not washing out the toxic substances inside the colon.