“What is reflexology and what are the goals?

Reflexology is the scientific theory that maps out the reflexes on the feet and hands that are relative to all of the organs and the rest of the body. It is a complementary, health service by which an exercise pressure is applied to the 7,200 nerve endings in the feet, stimulating every gland, organ and part of the body. This instruction persuades the body to biologically correct, strengthen and reinforce itself to ultimately achieve balance or homeostasis. The body is highly intelligent; reflexology simply facilitates the process by allowing the body to self correct through the improvement of nerve, blood and lymphatic supply. Points that are tender are clues that the corresponding organs are sluggish and actually need the most work. They may also be tender due to the amount of toxins flowing throughout the body. The goals of reflexology are: to stop further deterioration persuade the body to biologically correct itself strengthen and reinforce all systems of the body; and help the body to achieve balance or good health.

How soon will I see the effects?

In her book, “Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology,” renowned reflexologist, Mildred Carter lists case studies of ailments she has been able to give relief to through reflexology such as: headaches, backache, fatigue, gastric disorders, circulatory problems, diabetes, injuries, sinus problems, etc. Some may experience relief after the first session, others require a few sessions before they feel improvement on a physical level. The longer you’ve had a health problem, the longer it may take to show improvement. The very first reflexology session is persuading nerve endings to increase blood and lymphatic supply to achieve homeostasis.

What will I experience during a reflexology session?

You may experience no physical sensations during a session or some of the following: sweating, draining of sinus (runny nose), need to empty the bladder, headache, etc. All of these are normal and are the body’s reaction to toxins leaving the body. Everyone should experience a feeling of relaxation.

How often should I receive a reflexology session?

Reflexology can be used anytime to relieve stress or as part of a preventative maintenance program. If you are working on a specific ailment or chronic problem, weekly treatments may be necessary until healing begins. Once balance is achieved, a maintenance session every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended.

Are there any contraindications?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural therapy that complements all other holistic therapies. It is recommended for anyone, at any age. There are no contraindications.

Information provided by Cheryl Calautti, R.R.P, of Calautti Reflexology. Cheryl is a cum laude graduate of Temple University, Philadelphia. She is a registered reflexology practitioner and a graduate of the International Institute of Advanced Reflexology.