S.O.E. ~ Singlet Oxygen-Energy

Singlet oxygen describes a natural form of the oxygen which is already for millions of years produced by our nature. This extremely high-energy condition combined with a high speed of reaction of the oxygen arises for example if sunlight meets the “chlorophyll” and activates the available oxygen. Singlet-oxygen is formed in plants, animal and man cells to activate the reaction for essential cell metabolism. This “secret” known from the biophysics of nature implements the S.O.E. method. S.O.E. directly affects the cells where the base of almost all sicknesses is created and the cell damage caused by free radicals is highest.S.O.E. works directly in the body cells at the illness origin:

  • Free radicals are reduced
  • The immune system is strengthened
  • The inheriting substance (DNA) is protected (Anti-Aging)
  • The antioxidative capacity is increased
  • The oxygen utilization is optimized
  • The cell energy production is increased

The rapid development of our highly industrialized civilization with its enormous achievements has made visible endangering signals which are also considerably affecting our health

Clear Application Successes by S.O.E.:

ArthrosisDiabetes mellitusChronic fibromyalgieCirculation disturbancesHypercholesterinaemieLiver illnessesKidney illnessesCancer sufferingSleeplessnessPainsSkin diseasesRheumatic illnessesThe S.O.E. procedure has already taken a solid space irrevocably as an independent therapy for the promotion of health preservation and for the support of further therapies in health services, particularly in structuring antioxidative capacity and for the protection of DNA.